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API RP 17G2 : 2023

Recommended Practice for Subsea Pumping Well Intervention Systems

Standard Details

This recommended practice (RP) provides recommendations for the design, manufacture, testing, and performance of SPWISs deployed from a mobile offshore work unit such as a multipurpose vessel. This document contains the system-level requirements and recommendations and where not found elsewhere, the information that applies to individual components. To the greatest extent possible, this document points the reader to the API document that is applicable to each system component or subsystem.

This information is applicable to all new and existing SPWISs.

SPWISs are intended to satisfy the requirements of API Standard 17G and API Recommended Practice 17G5, with modifications thereof as given in this document. Therefore, this document is not intended to be a standalone document. It is to be used in conjunction with API Standard 17G (parent document), API Recommended Practice 17G1, API Recommended Practice 17G5, and end user requirements.

This recommended practice is intended to serve as a common reference for designers, manufacturers, and operators/users, thereby reducing the need for end user specifications. This RP also eliminates the need for interpretation of the applicability of requirements given by other codes and standards for permanent installed equipment.

Specific equipment covered by this recommended practice is as follows:

― flying leads;

― vertical fluid conduits;

― jumpers;

― fluid conduit connectors;

― subsea safety module (SSM);

― control systems;

― disconnect systems.

Associated equipment not covered by this recommended practice is listed below:

― subsea pumps;

― subsea process packages;

― intervention vessels used to execute work in the field;

― winching, spooling, tensioners, injector heads, or other equipment to deploy fluid conduits.

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Main
Document No: API RP 17G2 : 2023
Document Year: 2023
Pages: 56
Edition: 1
  • Section Volume:
  • 01 Exploration and Production

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API RP 17G2 : 2023

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