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Association Française de Normalisation

Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR - French Standardization Association) is a Paris-based standards organization and a member body for France at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The Afnor Groupe operates under 4 major business units as listed below and serves the interest of France onto technical regulations and standardization.


With 1,480 members of AFNOR Association, a workforce of 1,170 in 39 offices in the world with 69,000 customers, the AFNOR Group designs and deploys solutions based on voluntary standards around the world. The Group serves the general interest in its standardization activities and provides services in such competitive sectors as training, professional and technical information and intelligence, assessment and certification.

With rights to promote and distribute AFNOR GROUPE content, BSB EDGE offers you the access to the content largely categorised as;

  • European Technical Regulations
  • French Technical Regulations
  • &
  • French Standards defined or adopted by AFNOR (NF standards)

to assist you in order to innovate, respond to an invitation to tender, commit to a certification approach or ensure compliance of your products or services. From among the 100,000 voluntary standards and normative documents in the AFNOR Publishing collection, you can purchase items individually, or as subscription.

Do contact us to know more details about AFNOR GROUPE offerings to strengthen & certify your business, products or services which helps you to penetrate new markets.

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