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BSB Educational Trust

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a checkbox; it's a guiding force that shapes our business conduct, decision-making, and priorities. At BSB Edge, our approach to CSR transcends mere adherence to regulations; it's about actively participating in endeavors that contribute to the greater social good.

At the heart of our philosophy lies an unwavering commitment: to enrich society with an invaluable asset—Education.

This commitment finds its embodiment in the BSB Educational Trust, a cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Our mission extends beyond business; it's about embracing responsibility and catalyzing a positive influence through every facet of our endeavors, touching society, consumers, employees, communities, and stakeholders alike. This Trust has been meticulously established with a visionary purpose: to illuminate the path for underprivileged children, paving the way for a future aglow with possibilities.

BSB Educational Trust operates as a non-profit entity and assumes responsibility for the following initiatives:

Supervising the process of scholarship selection and administration.

Facilitating higher education for economically challenged students.

Tracking the advancement of students throughout the entirety of their professional courses.

Propelling societal progress through our CSR endeavor.

To date, the Trust's endeavors have already positively impacted the lives of more than a hundred students. A significant number among them have secured promising positions throughout the nation, embracing self-sufficiency. The sustenance of the BSB Educational Trust is made possible by the collective contributions of BSB partners, dedicated staff, and a select group of philanthropic individuals.

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