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ASM International

ASM International,  formerly known as the American Society for Metals, is an association of materials-centric engineers and scientists. Established in 1913, today ASM International is the world’s largest and most established materials information society, connecting you to a global network of peers and provides access to trusted materials information through reference content , data and research, education courses and international events; helping you to solve problems and improve materials related outcomes.

ASM's technical resources are available in the form of TECHNICAL BOOKS, HAND BOOKS of 42 volumes, CDs/DVDs, JOURNALS and as Online service to it's peer-reviewed critical information.


With hundreds of titles in a wide variety of subject matter, the respected ASM book collection contains a wealth of materials science information from experts in the field.


For more than 90 years, ASM Handbooks have been the definitive resource on materials science and engineering for industry professionals.


Interactive materials science information is brought to life through a large collection of DVDs and CDs.


The ASM Journal selection includes some of the most respected journals in the materials science industry.


The most comprehensive, peer-reviewed information on a wide variety of topics – all in one central place.

Online Databases could be subscribed as a whole or in-part as listed below;

  • ASM Alloy Center Database
  • ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Database
  • ASM Failure Analysis Database
  • ASM Handbooks Online
  • ASM Materials Platform for Data Science
  • ASM Medical Materials Database
  • ASM Micrograph Database

ASM Key to Steel - The Key to Steel (Stahlschlüssel/Stahlschluessel) 2013 edition includes more than 70,000 standard designations and trade names from approximately 300 steelmakers and suppliers from 25 countries.

ASM Global Materials Platform - This the result of a collaboration between ASM and Total Materia which provides More than 20 million property records for over 450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials presented in 26 languages and other useful tools to improve quality, speed solutions, and advance collaboration in your organization.

Pearson’s Crystal Data: Crystal Structure Database for Inorganic Compounds

Heat Treater’s Guide Online

ISTFA Proceedings Online

The ASM Digital Library that provides convenient access to the world’s largest collection of information and data on the composition, structure, properties, processing, performance, and evaluation of engineering materials. The ASM digital library is categorized as;

ASM Books Gateway

  • ASM HANDBOOKS - Authoritative materials information contributed by experts.
  • TECHNICAL BOOKS - Practical guides and reference resources on a wide variety of materials and processes
  • ASM FAILURE ANALYSIS - Real-world failure case histories with analysis methods and prevention strategies.

ASM Journals Gateway

  • ALLOY DIGEST - Easy to compare data for alloy compositions, properties, applications, and processing details.
  • JOURNALS - Peer-reviewed materials engineering research and insights from the ASM journals collection.
  • MAGAZINES - Technical articles from Advanced Materials & Processes and Electronic Device Failure Analysis.

ASM Conference Proceedings Gateway

  • ISTFA proceedings
  • Thermal Spray Proceedings
  • Heat Treating Proceedings
  • Shape Memory Proceedings

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