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ISO/IEC 27011:2008

Information technology -- Security techniques -- Information security management guidelines for telecommunications organizations based on ISO/IEC 27002

Standard Details

The scope of this Recommendation International Standard is to define guidelines supporting the implementation of information security management in telecommunications organizations.

The adoption of this Recommendation International Standard will allow telecommunications organizations to meet baseline information security management requirements of confidentiality, integrity, availability and any other relevant security property.

General Information

Standard Type: Main
Document No: ISO/IEC 27011:2008
Document Year: 2008
Pages: 44
Edition: 1.0
  • ICS:
  • 03.100.70 Management systems *Standards included in this sub-group shall also be included in other groups and/or sub-groups according to their subject *Including environmental management systems (EMS), road traffic management systems, energy management systems, hea
  • 35.030 IT Security *Including encryption

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ISO/IEC 27011:2008
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