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IEC TS 62996:2017

Industrial electroheating and electromagnetic processing equipment - Requirements on touch currents, voltages and electric fields from 1 kHz to 6 MHz

Standard Details

IEC TS 62996:2017(E) addresses the safety assessments in the frequency range between 1 kHz and 6 MHz and provides limits for touch and touch currents for industrial installations or equipment for electroheating (EH) and electromagnetic processing of materials (EPM). Indirect contact by capacitive currents to parts of an earthed human body in an open space are also included, since the current is then distributed analogously in the part of the body and differs from cases of induced electric shock.

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Main
Document No: IEC TS 62996:2017
Document Year: 2017
Pages: 42
Edition: 1.0
  • Section Volume:
  • TC 27 Industrial electroheating and electromagnetic processing

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IEC TS 62996:2017
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