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IEEE 3333.1.1 : 2024

IEEE Standard for the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Visual Comfort Assessments of Three-Dimensional (3D) Contents Based on Psychophysical Studies

Standard Details

Abstract:As the supply and demand for 3D technologies grows, the development of accurate quality assessment techniques is necessary to develop the industries of the 3D display devices and signal processing engines. Underlying principles and statistical characteristics of 3D contents based on human visual system (HVS) are described in this standard. In addition, the reliable 3D subjective assessment methodology that covers the characteristics of human perception, display mechanism, and viewing environment is introduced in this document.

Keywords:accommodation and vergence conflict, foveation, human visual system, HVS, IEEE 3333.1.1™, quality assessment, quality of experience, QoE, saliency detection, stereoscopic, stereoscopic display, subjective assessment, visual contents analysis, visual (dis)comfort

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Main
Document No: IEEE 3333.1.1 : 2024
Document Year: 2024
Pages: 47

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IEEE 3333.1.1 : 2024
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