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IEEE 11073-10101b/AMD 1:2023

IEEE Standard for Health Informatics--Device Interoperability Part 10101: Foundational--Nomenclature Amendment 1: Additional definitions

Standard Details

Abstract: The scope of this standard is to define a nomenclature for communication of information from point-of-care medical devices. Primary emphasis is placed on acute care medical devices and patient vital signs information. The nomenclature also supports concepts in an object oriented information model that is for medical device communications. This amendment extends IEEE Std 11073-10101-2019 to include additional terms primarily related to infusion pumps, ventilators, dialysis and other key medical devices as well as event and alert identifiers for devices and systems used in acute care.

Keywords: alarm, alarm inactivation, alarms, alert communication, anesthesia, device containment model, device model, dialysis, diaphragm, ECG, EDI, electrocardiography, events, fluid chemistry, hemodialysis, hemodynamic monitoring, HFV, high flow therapy, high frequency ventilation, IEEE 11073-10101b™, IHE PCD, information model, infusion pump, ISO 19223, ISO/IEEE 11073-10101, medical device alarms, medical device alerts, medical device communication, medical device types, NAVA, network communication controller, neurally adjusted ventilatory assist, neuromuscular blockade, neuromuscular stimulation, neuromuscular transmission, NMT, nomenclature, observation set identifier, ontology, patient, patient controlled analgesia, PCA, POC, point-of-care, pulse oximetry, pump library, query identifier, regional cerebral oximetry, rSO2, semantics, service-oriented device connectivity, signal quality index, SQI, target controlled infusion, TCI, terminology, UCUM, units of measure, ventilation, ventilation mode

Multimedia: N

Subscription Package: Digital Health

Life Cycle: Amendment of IEEE 11073-10101-2019

Publication Type: IEEE Standard

Publication Date: 2024-01-12

Page Count: 308

Committee/Society: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society/IEEE 11073 Standards Committee

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Amendment
Document No: IEEE 11073-10101b/AMD 1:2023
Document Year: 2023
Pages: 308

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IEEE 11073-10101b/AMD 1:2023

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