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IEEE 2010:2023

IEEE Recommended Practice for Electroencephalography (EEG) Neurofeedback Systems

Standard Details

Abstract: Revising the set of documentation requirements and including new information and reflecting the present state of the art is covered in this recommended practice. A detailed set of documentation requirements is proposed. The detailed requirements for the documentation of neurofeedback instruments and software to provide quality and availability of information to users are specified by this recommended practice.

Keywords: biofeedback, biofeedback assessment, biofeedback equipment, biofeedback instrumentation, biofeedback software, biofeedback training, IEEE 2010™, neurofeedback, neurofeedback assessment, neurofeedback equipment, neurofeedback instrumentation, neurofeedback software, neurofeedback training

Multimedia: N

Subscription Package: Digital Health

Life Cycle: Revision of IEEE 2010-2012

Publication Type: IEEE Standard

Publication Date: 2023-07-11

Page Count: 35

Committee/Society: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society/Standards Committee

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Main
Document No: IEEE 2010:2023
Document Year: 2023
Pages: 35

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IEEE 2010:2023

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