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AWWA M25 : 2023

Geomembrane Floating Covers and Liners for Potable-Water Reservoirs, Fourth Edition

Standard Details

This manual is intended to serve as a technical reference guide for designing, installing, operating, and maintaining geomembrane liners and floating covers for potable water storage reservoirs. Source information was gathered by reviewing and collecting the experience of designers, manufacturers, and owners of geomembrane products available to the water industry.

This manual is not intended to be a design handbook or the equivalent of an AWWA standard. Rather, it should serve as a technical reference document to be used in conjunction with ANSI/AWWA D130, Geomembrane Materials for Potable Water Applications. The purpose of this manual is to recommend minimum design criteria and minimum operations and maintenance procedures for potable water reservoir floating covers and liners. Site-specific conditions should be evaluated by a qualified professional engineer and the recommendations adjusted accordingly to provide a comparable performance level.

Information in this manual may not apply to all types of installations or materials. In applying specific recommendations, the user must assume responsibility for accommodating a specific set of conditions.

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Main
Document No: AWWA M25 : 2023
Document Year: 2023

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AWWA M25 : 2023

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