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IEC 63118-1:2024

12 V lithium-ion secondary batteries for automotive starting, lighting, ignition (SLI) applications and auxiliary purposes – Part 1: General requirements and methods of test

Standard Details

IEC 63118-1:2024 specifies the general tests and requirements for the performance of lithium secondary batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 V permanently installed in road vehicles not for propulsion. The replacement of secondary batteries permanently installed in road vehicles not for propulsion is covered by this document.
The following are typical applications that utilize the batteries under the scope of this document: power source for the starting of internal combustion engines, lighting, stop and start function, on-board auxiliary equipment and energy absorption for regeneration from braking.
This document includes:
- electrical characteristics tests methods and requirements;
- a life duration tests method.

General Information

Status : ACTIVE
Standard Type: Main
Document No: IEC 63118-1:2024
Document Year: 2024
Pages: 30
Edition: 1.0
  • Section Volume:
  • TC 21 Secondary cells and batteries
  • ICS:
  • 29.220.30 Alkaline secondary cells and batteries

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IEC 63118-1:2024
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