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ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence. ASTM publications cover standards for both ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, construction, paints, petroleum products, plastics, textiles, rubber and electric insulating materials and general test methods. ASTM also develops standards for iron and steel products, standards for surface treatment and coating, standards for testing of metals, nuclear energy engineering standards, construction building standards, construction equipment standards and accident and disaster control standards which are widely used in the industries for safety and disaster management.


The 80+ volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards contains ASTM's 12,000+ standards and is available in the Print and Online formats. The volumes can be purchased individually, as a section or as the complete 80+ volume set. The complete set includes all the volumes in each of the 15 sections of the Annual Book of Standards.

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We found 12882 requested standards .

  • ASTM standards
    F 1134 : 15(2019)

    F 1134: 15(2019)

    Standard Specification for Insulation Resistance Monitor for Shipboard Electrical Motors and Generators- Document Year 15(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    D 7636/D 7636M : 11(2019)

    D 7636/D 7636M: 11(2019)

    Standard Practice for Sampling and Analysis of Modified Bitumen Roof Systems- Document Year 11(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    F 2087 : 13(2019)

    F 2087: 13(2019)

    Standard Specification for Packing, Fiberglass, Braided, Rope, and Wick- Document Year 13(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    D 1566 : 19

    D 1566: 19

    Standard Terminology Relating to Rubber- Document Year 19

  • ASTM standards
    D 5965 : 19

    D 5965: 19

    Standard Test Methods for Density of Coating Powders- Document Year 19

  • ASTM standards
    B 381 : 13(2019)

    B 381: 13(2019)

    Standard Specification for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Forgings- Document Year 13(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    C 1683 : 10(2019)

    C 1683: 10(2019)

    Standard Practice for Size Scaling of Tensile Strengths Using Weibull Statistics for Advanced Ceramics- Document Year 10(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    D 8268 : 19

    D 8268: 19

    Standard Practice for Rubber Compounding Materials—Evaluation of Recycled Vulcanizate Particulate Rubber- Document Year 19

  • ASTM standards
    D 4209 : 07(2019)

    D 4209: 07(2019)

    Standard Practice for Determining Volatile and Nonvolatile Content of Cellulosics, Emulsions, Resin Solutions, Shellac, and Varnishes- Document Year 07(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    C 1468 : 19a

    C 1468: 19a

    Standard Test Method for Transthickness Tensile Strength of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics at Ambient Temperature- Document Year 19a

  • ASTM standards
    C 1424 : 15(2019)

    C 1424: 15(2019)

    Standard Test Method for Monotonic Compressive Strength of Advanced Ceramics at Ambient Temperature- Document Year 15(2019)

  • ASTM standards
    D 4956 : 19

    D 4956: 19

    Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control- Document Year 19

  • ASTM standards
    E 2174 : 19

    E 2174: 19

    Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Firestops- Document Year 19

  • ASTM standards
    D 16 : 19

    D 16: 19

    Standard Terminology for Paint, Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications- Document Year 19

  • ASTM standards
    A 252/A 252M : 19

    A 252/A 252M: 19

    Standard Specification for Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles- Document Year 19