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Bureau of Indian Standards

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards body of India which has been successfully promoting and nurturing standards in the country since 1947. With over 500 qualified technical and scientific personnel and more than 25,000 experts voluntarily associated with standardization activities, BIS has formulated around 19,000 standards in various technological and industrial areas. Every year, more than 300 new standards and 300 amendments are published.

Indian Standards have been segmented into 14 Sections as per their Technical Divisions.

  • PGD - Production and General Engineering
  • CHD - Chemical
  • CED - Civil Engineering
  • LITD - Electronics and Information Technology
  • ETD - Electrotechnical
  • FAD - Food and Agriculture
  • MSD - Management and Systems
  • MED - Mechanical Engineering
  • MHD - Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning
  • MTD - Metallurgical Engineering
  • PCD - Petroleum, Coal and Related Products
  • TXD - Textile
  • TED - Transport Engineering
  • WRD - Water Resources

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