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ISO 11010-1 : 2022
Passenger cars — Simulation model classification — Part 1: Vehicle dynamics

Passenger cars — Simulation model classification — Part 1: Vehicle dynamics

Document No. ISO 11010-1 Document Year 2022
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This document is published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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A systematic framework has been created that facilitates the definition of the requirements of simulation models for certain applications and driving manoeuvres in a standardized manner.

For this purpose, the proposed framework systematically divides the vehicle model into model classes and all model classes into different model types, corresponding to various model characteristics and common modelling methods. The vehicle dynamics manoeuvres have been additionally structured and clustered. Manoeuvres can be assigned to model classes and model types using an allocation and requirements table. This document thus also creates the basis for model recommendations relevant to vehicle dynamics with regard to advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving (ADAS/AD).

The application of the framework and the specification of the model requirements are the responsibility of the user. Alternatively, they may be determined by other regulations and standards. This document contains recommendations for selectable model characteristics in terms of adequate simulation quality with respect to performance tests and associated application patterns. The recommendations can be adapted accordingly to be applied to functional testing.

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