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IEEE C57.12.200 : 2022
IEEE Guide for the Dielectric Frequency Response Measurement of Bushings

IEEE Guide for the Dielectric Frequency Response Measurement of Bushings

Document No. IEEE C57.12.200 Document Year 2022
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This document is published by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Abstract: Bushings are critical components for power apparatus as their main role is to conduct current at high voltage through a grounded barrier. Statistical studies have shown that bushing defects such as water ingression and partial discharge are among the most important causes for unexpected failures. Dielectric frequency response (DFR), sometimes also known as frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS), which involves measurement of the bushing capacitance and dielectric losses over a frequency range, is an effective method to detect deterioration of bushing insulation. This guide applies to the DFR measurement of various types of bushings either in the field or in the factory except for gas-insulated bushings.

Keywords: dielectric frequency response (DFR), dissipation factor, moisture, frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS), IEEE C57.12.200, OIP bushing, power factor, RIP bushing, RIS bushing, transformer bushing

Multimedia: N

Subscription Package: Power Transformers (Distribution and Regulating)

IEEE Normative references: 510-1983, C57.152-2013

Committee/Society: IEEE Power and Energy Society/Transformers

Life Cycle: New

Publication Type: IEEE Standard

Publication Date: 2023-01-27

Page Count: 84

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