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BS EN 12405-1 : 2021
Gas meters. Conversion devices - Volume conversion

Gas meters. Conversion devices - Volume conversion

Document No. BS EN 12405-1 Document Year 2021
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This document is published by British Standards Institution (BSI)

Standard Details

This document specifies the requirements and tests for the construction, performance, safety and conformity of gas-volume electronic conversion devices associated to gas meters, used to measure volumes of fuel gases of the 1st and 2nd families according to EN 437 .

This document is intended for type testing, the detailed relevant provisions of which are given in Annex A.

Only three kinds of conversion are treated in this document:

  1. conversion as a function of temperature only (called T conversion);

  2. conversion as a function of the pressure and of the temperature with constant compression factor (called PT conversion);

  3. conversion as a function of the pressure, the temperature and taking into account the compression factor (called PTZ conversion).

This document is not relevant to temperature conversion integrated into gas meters which only indicate the converted volume.

Gas-volume conversion devices consist of a calculator and a temperature transducer or a calculator, a temperature transducer and a pressure transducer locally installed.

For application of this document, a conversion device may be, as a choice of the manufacturer, considered as a complete instrument (Type 1) or made of separate elements (Type 2), according to the definitions given in and

In this last case, the provisions concerning pressure transducers, temperature sensors and temperature transducers are given in Annexes B, C and D respectively.

Any conversion device can provide an error curve correction for a gas meter.


When rendering an account to an end user the readings from the conversion device can be used in conjunction with the readings from a gas meter conforming to EN 1359 , EN 12480 , or EN 12261 , as appropriate, or to any other appropriate and relevant international or national standard for gas meters, without prejudice of national regulations.

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