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B107.56 : 2018
Body Repair Tools

Body Repair Tools

Document No. B107.56 Document Year 2018
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This document is published by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Standard Details

The American National Standards Committee B107 on Socket Wrenches and Drives was originally under the sponsorship of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). It was subsequently reorganized as an ASME Standards Committee and its title was changed to Hand Tools and Accessories. In 1996, the Committee’s scope was expanded to include safety considerations.

In 1999, ASME initiated a project to consolidate hand tool standards by category of tool. The initial implementation included distinct standards within a single publication bearing a three-digit number corresponding to the responsible B107 subcommittee. It was intended that subsequent revisions would integrate the component standards resulting in a more traditional document.

During the consolidation revision of ASME B107.400, Striking Tools, it was determined that since ASME B107.56 included both striking and struck tools with different applications than the other striking tools in ASME B107.400, it should revert to a stand-alone standard under separate cover. This is the first publication of ASME B107.56 since its inclusion in ASME B107.400-2008.

The purpose of ASME B107.56 is to define essential performance and safety requirements specifically applicable to the various tools covered herein. It specifies test methods to evaluate conformance to the defined requirements and indicates limitations of safe use.

This Standard is intended for voluntary use by establishments that use or manufacture the tools covered. It may also be used as a guide by state authorities or other regulatory bodies in the formulation of laws or regulations.

This Standard is also meant to serve as a guide in developing manuals and posters and for training personnel to work safely.

Members of the Hand Tools Institute Striking and Struck Tools Standards Committee, through their knowledge and hard work, have been major contributors to the development of the B107 Standards. Their active efforts in the promotion of these standards are acknowledged and appreciated.

ASME B107.56-2018 was approved by the ASME B107 Standards Committee on February 21, 2018. It was approved as an American National Standard on July 20, 2018. The requirements of this Standard take effect upon its issue date.

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