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API SPEC 19LH : 2019
Liner Hanger Equipment

Liner Hanger Equipment

Document No. API SPEC 19LH Document Year 2019
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This document is published by American Petroleum Institute (API)

Standard Details

This specification provides requirements for conventional and expandable liner systems, including liner hangers, liner packers, liner hanger packers, tie-back/polished-bore receptacles (TBR/PBRs), seal assemblies, setting adaptors/sleeves, and running/setting tools as defined herein for use in the oil and natural gas industry. This specification provides minimum requirements for the functional specification and technical specification, including design, design verification and validation, materials, quality control, documentation and data control, repair, shipment, and storage.

Products covered by this specification apply only to applications within a conduit. Installation and field maintenance are outside the scope of this specification. Also not covered in this specification are casing crossover subs, expandable tubulars and expandable connections, end connections to the liner, cementing aids, liner wiper plugs and drill pipe darts, landing collars, float equipment, wellhead/casing hanger, sub-mudline suspension equipment, and cementing heads. Products covered by other API specifications are not in the scope of this specification.

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