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API RP 19G11 : 2018
Dynamic Simulation of Gas-lift Wells and Systems

Dynamic Simulation of Gas-lift Wells and Systems

Document No. API RP 19G11 Document Year 2018
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This document is published by American Petroleum Institute (API)

Standard Details

This recommended practice provides guidance and background for the application and use of dynamic simulation of gas lift wells and their related systems. Discussion is included for use of steady-state, pseudo-steady-state, and dynamic numerical models. Also presented are guidelines to facilitate the application of these techniques to optimize well/system integrity, operations, life cycle design, and production. Additionally, a range of artificial lift and natural flowing systems and topics (e.g. gas well liquid loading) are addressed. The dynamic simulation recommendations (e.g. stable flow, hydrates, waxes, corrosion, liquid loading, and complex wells) can be implemented in other production systems (e.g. natural flowing wells).

Not included are technical requirements for the hardware of the dynamic simulation system, the specifics of the system calculations, the responses to the output of the dynamic simulation data output, and specifics of what actions are required after the provided data is considered.

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