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ACI 548.6R : 2019 Polymer Concrete: Guidelines for Structural Applications

Polymer Concrete: Guidelines for Structural Applications

Document No. ACI 548.6R Document Year 2019
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This document is published by American Concrete Institute (ACI)

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Polymer concrete (PC) can be used in the construction of structural elements with applications, including wall panels withstanding wind and seismic loads, underground vaults resisting lateral earth pressure, vault and utility box covers resisting vehicle loads, and railroad ties resisting static and dynamic rail loads. PC structural elements are used to resist bending moments and axial and shear loads. Creep, fatigue, and service temperature are important aspects for PC structural elements. These guidelines help the defining and understanding of mechanical properties and structural behavior of PC. Industrial standards and design guidelines governing design with PC have been developed and used by the PC industry for the last five decades. These guidelines highlight some of those standards.

Keywords: beam; creep; equipment foundation; fatigue; fire resistance; fracture; manholes; polymer; polymer concrete; reinforced polymer concrete; utility structures; walls.

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