BSB Edge has long established itself as one of the leading providers of national and international standards in India.

Ever since its inception, more than four decades ago, BSB Edge has steadily grown in stature to become an institution par excellence winning the trust of more than 20,000 customers. An ISO 9001-2008 certified organization, BSB Edge has signed-up with several leading international Standard Developing Organizations (SDOs) to provide an entire gamut of services related to marketing, distribution and training of standards. The strong relationship that we share with our Principals is one of our most valued assets. Precise and timely flow of information from the SDOs has always assisted BSB Edge in keeping the paradigms of the various fields up-to-date.

Standards are the strategic-tools that serve to simplify life while increasing reliability and effectiveness of products and services. BSB Edge makes available internationally published standards to create a definitive impact, providing assurance of objectivity and authenticity to restore confidence, among our stakeholders. Individuals and organizations from diverse functional areas, research fields and various industries enjoy access to over a million standards and technical documents.

With the ability to deliver on 95% of the standards' requirements from around the globe, BSB Edge is all about having its customers in the front seat of their business and keeping them informed about the latest in their industry.

Our primary patrons fall under following disciplines and rely on us to get the right information at the right time.

Engineering and R & D

Testing, Quality Assurance/Quality Control


Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Safety and Compliance

Environmental Health and Safety

Product Labeling and Distribution

Sourcing and Procurement


BSB Edge has a pan-India presence with executives and representatives in all the major Indian cities. We have recently opened an office in Dubai to service the Middle Eastern market.


BSB Edge is the most preferred, innovative and integrated provider of standards and the related services in India. Our vision is to retain our leadership in India and to fortify the same reputation across the globe.


For our Customers
To contribute to the reliability and acceptability of the products and services of our customers nationally and internationally, thereby, strengthening their overall business performance.

For the Community
To raise the overall quality of life by promoting the usage of safer and more reliable products and services that make use of the best international standards.

For our Employees
To create a happy and productive work environment, where employees are respected for their opinions and beliefs and are able to realize their true potential.


Commitment to Customers
We are highly responsive to the needs of our customers and ensure that our customers are provided with the most accurate and updated information related to the standards relevant to them.

We earn trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards in all of our actions. Compliance to legal procedures is a way of life with us. For the same reason, we neither approve of under‐serving to save costs, nor do we overprice for profit.

Effective Communication
We listen to the customers patiently, try our best to comprehend their requirements and take requisite actions that are practical but sensitive.

Warmth in Professional Relationships
We value relationships. We work together as a close knit family, and many a times, this culture is reflected in the relations that we share with our principals and clients.

Contribution to the society
We believe in giving back to the society something far more valuable—Education—and raise the knowledge index of the people.

The Edge

At BSB Edge, we understand that merely being compliant to the standards may not be enough to succeed. Therefore, in order to put an organization at the forefront of business excellence, it is imperative to look beyond compliance, and bring in standardization in business performance. By laying down the best practices within a rational, deliverable and replicable framework, standardization ensures a consistent and high level of performance. It is this standardization that we have brought to businesses through the years.

We aim to help businesses and organizations minimize risks and maximize quality and profit. We believe that our customers must have an ‘Edge’ over their competitors to stay ahead in the competitive market.